Modern Concrete, Inc.


Fresher concrete is better!

Our volumetric mixer trucks don't pre mix your concrete before we get to your pour.
We mix it at the site!

Less waste and shortages!

We mix only what is needed on site.
You don't have to worry about being short of supply.

On site versatility!

We can change the mixture mid pour to
give you the best product for your specific needs!


There is no replacement for the vast knowledge the owner and the operators have acquired with 25+ years of designing, mixing and pouring! In 2008 Modern Concrete, Inc. was listed as one of America's TOP 100 SMALL BUSINESSES by Dun and Bradstreets' Inc. 500.


Scott Reutner, owner of Modern Concrete, Inc. started working with concrete in high school at his uncle's business. Many years later, with an Associates Degree and 1000's of projects, big and small, under his belt, Scott is still learning and striving to improve methods of working with concrete. He is devoted to providing the best in concrete products. He wants to be your life-long partner in all your construction needs.